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Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey everyone,
I realize i have not posted in forever:)But i have a new blog, so come jump on over to my new page...the url is... !!Hopefully ill be able to update this new one more and i hope you'll enjoy visiting it!Thanks you all!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So, I got my haircut:))

So this is right before I left for ballet, but yes, here it is...I got it a darker brown and cut short:DI love it, what do you all think?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{mhmmm, yes, these are my Guatemala pictures that I promised,hehe}

So, this is team six!!!I love them so much!!!

We are some special girls...haha...We were so thrilled!(see the picture below...

When we came back from our girls only service(where we learned about modesty)...the boys gave us each a rose and a letter and a bracelet and just treat us like a was so sweet!

"Of course PB can be used as a facial mask!!!"'ll understand later.haha.

hot tub time...

chicken in the pool...that game is so fun!!!

This is also during the scavenger hunt...our team has a thing with jumping in pools with all of our clothe s on haha.

Another scavenger hunt pic....the guy in this pic looks thrilled.haha.(yes, he was random)

Another crazy scavenger pic...

"I think I see something...",haha.


taking a pic. with some random guy for our sccavenger hunt..

These pictures are from after the mission trip(the first few) i am doing a handstand in the We were doing it for a scavenger hunt thing..haha.

When we got back to miami, we decided to throw pizza from the top floor of our hotel just for may or may not have hit someone...haha..

our mission trip shirts...

Alot of this, you wont understand because you would have had to been there to understand...

Mariah wrote on my arm...haha.I love that girl so much!!!


One night during fuagnem(fired up and going nuts every minute), our evening service, we did cardboard testimonies, and my friend's was "low-self esteem" but "beautiful in God"...they were all so powerful!

Tyler and Jacob, two very sweet Christian young men on my mission trip...

Ryan liked to write on his head...haha..

I took this picture at "Villa Antigua",the resort we stayed at...


We decided to take a picture in the little opening of the second level...

A cool arch we walked under one day while visiting the markets....

We shared this yummy delicious meal!!!

A cool light at Fridas...


Girls day out visiting the markets and eating at Frida's...such a wonderful day it was!

Frida's was so yummy!

So authetic, it was great!!!oh my goodness I can't even describe its deliciousness!!!

they were playing some kind of was so neat!...

Camille and I on the two seater swing,that was pretty fun,lol...

So, we had to duct tape the door to the bathroom on the bus b/c it stunk so bad...something was seriously not right in there,haha...

Yes, we all were holding our noses!!!

Heather and I in a fast food place called Pollo Compero(yes, they have fast food in the city....just not in the villages where we were most of the time...)

Cobblestone streets...

Guatemala had some awesome flowers!!!

Heather and I on wacky hair night...I love her shirt(it sais modest is hottest!!!)

Wacky hair night...nice Tyler.haha.

Wacky hair night...This is Brenda, my Guatemala Mama. She is so sweet and was mom to all of us girls...she would stay up late with us and have heart to hearts and we all would just cry and laugh and she was just wonderful!(especially since most of us were away from everyone we knew)

On a long bus ride home, I decided to get in the luggage compartment up top and sleep.haha.It was actually pretty comfortable:)


Getting off the boat...The boatride back...

Going back to the boat...

I thought this was such a pretty boat...

Such a beautiful view again!

So this stream running down a hill in the village was filled with running human waste...yuck!!

This little girl was too stinking cute, I Love this picture!!!

She was such a happy lady:)

This is one of my favorite pictures...these girls are so incredibly precious!!!

Still cuter than ever caught off guard:)

siblings...they look so sad:(

Such beautiful girls!

This little girl was so sweet!

This was one of my leaders Stan. He was so silly at times, but truly a blessing to our team!

I thought this picture was so cute!

This was a little girl at one of the villages we visited.

We arrived to the villages finally from our boatride.

Georgeous volcanoes!!! Apparently their were like twelve volcanoes surrounding the lake we were on and they represented each one of the twelve disciples, i thought that was pretty neat!



Ruthie and I just enjoying the ride...

Enjoying the view:)

Ruthie and I:)

Somebody on the first level of the boat took a picture of Mariah, Rachel, and I.

Mariah, Rachel, and I enjoying the boat ride!

A cute little elderly man in his canoe...Isn't the water so pretty?

We were about to depart on a boat ride across a beautiful huge lake!

Walking to the boat...

This is where we left for our forever long boatride across lake Atitlan to a very poverty stricken village.

There were so many volcanoes in Guatemala!!!

Heather and I decided to pose on the way to walking to the boat.

Such a cute little girl!

So, I'll explain this one more later...but the story is so sweet!!!

We decorated one of our leaders door for her birthday!!!So fun!

I'm acting like I am sad that I am all wet(but really, I am loving it, b/c I love being spontaneous with my favorite people!!!)

Here we are jumping in to the pool, haah!

Some of our team(again being spontaneous) decided to jump into the swimming pool late at night in all of our clothes and have some fun,lol.

This was such a beautiful view!

Team six massage line, we were found doing this alot,haha.

Ruthie got stuck in the fountain, I was trying to reach out and help, but it didn't quite work.haha.

Heather and I jumping from the fountain,lol.

Some of our team posing for a picture.

Some of us decided to take a pic. jumping from the fountain.

This was another building that was beautiful in Guatemala City, one of the nicer places(but still much poverty stricken)we visited.

This was a Catholic Church in Guatemala that we passed by during our ministering.

This was a really cool building...

Everywhere you looked, these loops of wire were on top of walls so that no one could trespass...or they would have colorful peices of glass cemented in to the top of the wall so you would get cut if you tried to trespass.

The quality of this picture isn't that good, but I love this picture, how cute is it?

After FUAGNEM(fired up and going nuts every minute), which is our evening service every night, we were given the opportunity to smash things in our lives that we needed to get rid of. We used the rubber mallet and smashed it on the sponge as hard as we could and just give it to God. It was such a sweet moment and life changing moment to do that and then be prayed over by my team members and leaders.

This is a picture of Captain Smash. He came during service one night,lol.

These books were our devotionals books throughout the whole trip, such a wonderful tool and blessing it was!

My roomates Logan and Ashley being silly...hehe!

So yea, this was supposed to be a turtle...enough said.haha.

We all recieved these necklaces that say New Creation in Hebrew on the front and then on the back say 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: THe old has gone, the new is here." It is such a wonderful reminder!

This is what we saw everyday for lunch...I will say I am pretty sick of PB & J sandwiches...haha.

I love this place!!!

So scenic!!!

So, the food in Guate is alot different than in America...I'm not sure what this was.

But I am sure that this was intestines...i don't know what from I said, alot different!!!

Some of our team praying over a sweet elderly man.

This is our team doing the drama...the line of people in black you see are mimes representing the wall of sin that seperated us from God before Jesus died on the Cross.

Abby and I.The drama was called ToyMaker and Son...toymaker representing God, and son representing Jesus. It was such a neat drama!!!

This was one of our team leaders Chuch, he decided to climb the tree,haha.

This little boy was so cute!

Silly face!!!

Another wonderful view!

mhmmm, so due to the slipperiness I fell and got all of that green algae all over me...oh dear:)

So our crazy team decides to walk on this pier thing that is SO slippery from algae.

It was so hard to walk on it, like so hard!!

This was a beautiful sight of God's creation at Lake Atitlan.


A moment of prayer in the bus:)

All of the women down there carried baskets on top of their head!!! Amazing balancing skills!!

This was all of their clothes at the orphange line drying

He was a cute little baby too! All of them were just such amazing gifts from God!

My little friend wanted a piggyback ride:)

This little boy was too cute!

I was putting a clip in this little girls hair, she was a feisty little girl and so strong through everything she has been through! Bless her!

This little girl loved looking at herself in the mirror, she thought it was so special, it made me so happy to see her so happy!

This little boy has a brain tumor and we prayed over him for healing, I hope he is doing better, he is such a cute little baby!

Antonio and I again, he is such a sweet little boy!

My roomate Logan and I with Antonio.

This is my friend Antonio, he is such a doll!

This was at an orphanage we visited.

Everywhere I looked, horses were carrying wood or baskets of fruit on their backs.

So many people looked so sad, it broke my heart.

Camille and I decided to take a silly picture,haha.

Jose is one of our dear friends we made on the trip who accepted Christ into his life. Praise the Lord! Also if you were wondering, the face paint is for the drama that we present to the villages and it's part of our costume. The drama is an allegory of the gospel.

Such a sweetheart!

Almost all of the streets in Guate were cobblestone...this was even one of the nicer cobblestone paths.

And we were off to Guatemala to minister to the orphans, widows, and broken people.

Heather giving me a great massage! Not sure what she was doing with her hands and face in this picture,lol.

This girl is one of my best friends after this trip! Her name is Heather and I love this sweet girl so stinking much!

Most of my team about to depart for Guatemala.

My sweet roomates in Miami.

This is also another picture of our hotel in Miami. It was very nice and so cool looking!

This is a photo of our hotel in Miami that we stayed in for training.
During service one night, one of the leaders put peanut butter in her hair as "shampoo". We had peanut butter & jelly(or honey or something else) everyday during the mission trip, so they were joking around telling us different ways we could use it.haha.