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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Before you read my post today,I have some pictures up!YAY!They are from this spring...enjoy! We decided to take some naps in the grass and just enjoy the beautiful day!
This was at easter!from left to right:Taylor,me,Ashlyn,and Kensi!I love my sisters!!!I should've worn my hair down...I'm the only one with it<3

Hi Dear readers,
I am so sorry that I haven't posted recently,but on the bright side it hasn't been one of the longer periods of time I go without posting!First I just want to go ahead and ask you to be praying for me alot!I will explain more about my prayer needs in a minute.I also would like to say that I am so happy that I have blog readers of mine and that I thank each and every one of you who do read my blog!If you are a reader please let me know by sending me a comment!I would greatly appreciate it!

Furthermore, I would like to tell you all that the 30-day challenge I am doing(if you have yet to remember,or did not read the post about my challenge,it is a challenge from the magazine SUSUIE to get in shape physically,spiritually,mentally,financially,and in other ways too!)is quite the challenge.Here are where your prayers come in...This challenge has been difficult and I will tell you I have wanted to give up and let go of all that God was calling me to do through this challenge.The devil has been tempting me to give up and to not listen to what God is telling me and it has been a little rough!Ok,alot rough!Though I have not given in to the temptations of the devil as I have recently started this challenge,I would still love for you to pray that I become stronger throughout this challenge and that I would tune out the devil and tune into God!Not to long ago,I memorized a Bible verse that says"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.The spirit is willing,but the body is weak."~Mark 14:38.I know for me,I have fallen prey to the weakness of my body.Many times I have thought,committed,and have been so sure of doing something....only finding later that I give into my selfish desires of my body.That is something that I need to work on so much and this challenge has challenged me to do that.I am going to have to watch and I am going to have to pray alot,but I know that I will get through these challenges and I will definately try my hardest to do them all for the glory of God!I do know this...I have been pondering,praying,and persevering and I hope to do these things even more!

I would like you to be praying for several families in particular as well.As you know I posted about a young lady at my high school who passed away the other day from being in a car accident.Monday we lost two more lives in my town.A young boy who was disabled died from complications from pneumonia and a adult in my town committed suicide.On top of all of this my sister's friend's mother died on Wednesday(I think it was Wednesday...but it could have been early Thursday)from a brain annurism.I can't remember a time where so many lives in my life were taken...and taken earlier than I would have thought.Even though I didn't know them through a close relationship,i still knew them somewhat and I cna't imagine what their families must be going through right now.So keep them in your prayers if you would.

P.S.-sorry to end this post on a sad note...remember to comment me if you read my blog.thanks.have a great day!
Lahni Blair

Sunday, May 16, 2010

::I don't know what to call this post::

Hello dear blog readers,
I don't really know what to call this post because I've been feeling alot of emotions lately about alot of things that have and are going on in my life right now!

Since last Sunday I have been dancing like all the time, everyday!Last Sunday and Monday I had dance rehearsal for dance recital.(oh and each night I have been getting home anywhere from 8:00-9:30).Tuesday and Wednesday I had dress rehearsal.Thursday,Friday I had recital and on Saturday I had Saturday matinee and then another recital that night.I'ts over now and I made alot of fabulous memories!We had amazing performances and although my costume changing was a little hectic considering I was in four routines,it was thoroughly a blast!Saturday night was the most emotional for me because...ok I'll start with the happy part.Our hip-hop routine has a two songs,one called forever by Chris Brown and Everbody by Laura Bell Bundy.Now, Laura Bell Bundy is an alum from the dance school in which I attend and she is really famous today.She went on to be Elle in Legally Blonde on Broadway and she has done other such musicals on broadway as well.She then went on to write country songs and they are really popular...even among the many students at my school!She has appeared in popular magazines such as PEOPLE and has been on popular television channels such as CMT.So.....back to the story....We were dancing to the last song(LBB song)....and LAURA BELL BUNDY jumps up on stage from where she was out in the audience and starts dancing with us!IT WAS AMZING to say the least!Then I got to meet her and talk to her and it was absolutely awesome.But then the sad emotions started kicking in, my ballet teacher,previously a rockette, announced a few weeks ago that she was leaving to pursue a career in recreational therapy.So it hit me that this was the last recital where she would be a teacher.I am sure she will come back next year to watch and you never know...jump up on stage...and well,you know the rest.LOL.It was also sad because this coming week is the last week of seeing my dance girls and teachers everyweek until dance starts up again in the fall.Of course,I will get to see some of my teachers because I am taking private lessons some this summer!It was also sad because my high school lost a young lady Saturday morning in a car accident.

Abigail, from Amazed By Grace, prayers to you during your recital!

Ok, so today is day 3 of my 30-Day challenge,and it has been a little more challenging the past couple days due to recital but I managed to get everthing done.I would appreciate it much if you all would pray for me throughout the rest of this challenge.Thanks so much!

Well, the business doesn't stop here,it just gets crazier...I'll be sure to post some picsand some more posts hopefully soon.Have a great day!
Lahni Blair

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello dear blog readers,
I am very sorry that my blogging frequencies haven't been as regular as they have been at some times in the past.But, this week is my dance recital week which means it is the last week of dance for the year...except for the party that takes place next week.So, although I will miss dance very much, I am hoping that this little break will allow me to post more...which is exciting!

I have something very exciting I would like to share with you all!So, here it goes...I recieve a magazine every month called Susie Magazine,a magazine for Christian teen young ladies that is absolutely outstanding!In the issue I recieved this month, there was a 30-Day Challenge that will allow you to get in shape physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially!I am starting this weekend and I am so excited!I definately know that it is going to be a real challenge and I am going to have to do ALOT of challenges each day...some of which are outside of my comfort zone...but I know that God is calling me to do this and that He will be there right beside me the whole time!Each week I am going to try and post what challenges I have done and how God is working in my life through this challenge.OOOPPS!Actually I will not be able to post one week at all,because one of the challenges is to not use the computer for a week....sorry!But hopefully that means I will have more exciting posts the next week so that I can catch you all up.And, I get a really cool T-shirt for doing it!All I have to do is send in $10,a paragraph on how the challenge has affected me positevely,and a photo of myself!The magazine creator is Susie Shellenberger,I am going on her mission trip this summer to Guatemala.YAY.And then next summer I am going to Quito,Ecuador...and then the next summer they do not yet have posted where they are going...but I am going...I can't wait!

I hope you all have enjoyed my post this fine day and if you have any questions about it feel free to ask!I hope you all have a wonderful day!I will try to add more pictures soon!!!I know you all like looking at pictures just as I do,so I will most definately be working on that!Well, I have to go and get ready for blocking for dance recital!YAY!!!Have a blessed day!
In Christ,
Lahni Blair

Saturday, May 1, 2010

::must see movie::

Hello dear blog readers,
I just recently got finished watching the movie "End of the Spear",and I must say that it is now one of my favorite movies!Now,if you are not familiar with this movie,let me give you a brief understanding of it.It is about five Christian missionaries who go deep in the jungles of Ecuador,along the Amazon River Basin to spread the gospel to the Waodani.The Waodani are an Indian tribe who at the time were considered the most violent group in the world...ok,now I am going to stop there and you will HAVE TO watch it to know the rest of this AMAZING story.I am not to fond of violent movies...actually not at all,but this was an exception even though I had to cover my eyes up a few times.God really spoke to me through this movie and I know He will speak to you too!"We can't shoot the Waodani,son.They're not ready to go to heaven-we are."~end of the spear.That quote really stuck out to me...we should be willing,no matter what,to give up our lives for God even if it means dying.Anyways,I wish I could do a whole post about this movie in detail,but I really want you all to see it so I won't give the whole movie away.I will leave you with a couple of thoughts about it though...well first of all,it is a TRUE STORY which made it even more emotional for me to watch.Also,it is rated pg-13 because of the violence but that's really the only reason it is rated that,so I will say if you are younger in age and get scared easily...or even if you don't,I would encourage you all to watch it when you are older...and I am not saying that out of a motherly reasoning,but in my humble opinion I would wait until you are older because I know it hit me at a more personal,emotional level with God that I do not think I would not have got when I was younger.So,I am definately not underestimating your level of maturity or spirituality,I just think It would be better to wait if you are under 13 or so.So,make yourself a note to see it ASAP!!!Have a great week!
Lahni Blair