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Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Don't you just love the holidays?}

Friday, October 22, 2010

The post with no name...I'm not feeling creative.HA!

At the moment I have alot of energy!!!:D Even so though, I will try to attempt writing something somewhat coherent.We'll see.ha!

It's Friday. I mean not that you already didn't know that or anything, I just needed to remind you, because I love fridays!!! And oh yes, I overslept this morning...which in my logic was a blessing in disguise...I think. Maybe God had a reason for me not to make it to spanish class this morning. Or maybe I went to bed to late...either way, I think it's safe to say I was perfectly content with the way things played out:)

My days just run together and it's out of legit. It's a good thing I think, but somedays I wish I could just take things in stride and get everything done that I need to...but let's face it, even if i wasn't busy with dance,school,church,youth group,friends,family,and everything the end of the day I would still be going to bed wishing I could just do one more thing.

Anywho, I love to dance... like that's even more legit than my out of control run together wish I could do one more thing forreeall legit!!! I just love it...ballet,tap,jazz,and hip-hop...for sure! One morning before school this week I woke up to the song one of our tap conbos. was choreographed to and I just was like I have got to tap right sure enough,at six... seven something in the morning I put on my tap shoes, turned on the music in the bathroom, and tapped away...and momma didn't even say anything while she was trying to sleep...she is the best! And then today after school, I went outside, turned on the music, and started to tap away on a big piece of ply wood dad and I carried out to the back porch so I could practice whenever I wanted to...and my neighbors didn't even say sister thought somebody was breaking in though...haha!!

I am reading a book...a roughly five hundred page book. Ummm,yea, I'm not much of a reader...unless it is a good'm halfway through it and just started it at the beginning of the's most def. a good book! It is called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It retells the story of Hosea and Gomer from the Bible...except it is set in the mid 1800's and differnet characters and obviously some added stuff to make it a book. I love it, in fact, I would say by the end of the night, I will have much much more read!!! Check it out on the internet, and buy it...a great Christian book...although, it is a story about a prostitute, so it would be rated PG-13 if a movie, so young readers...I'm thinking not so much...but anyone else, forrealll like it's so good!

Tomorrow morning I am babysitting my best friends little sister and the going to a college football game with she and her family and then spending the night with her,so excited!Oh,and by the way my driving has gotten so much better already and I am not having mini heart attacks anymore! yea, that's some of the stuff going on with me right to do something...peace.

Lahni Blair

Monday, October 4, 2010'm confused too.

As I sit here, feeling lost like I do most of the time, I am attempting to write something as insightful as my oldest sister Kensi. Let me tell you now, that will not happen. I one day hope to achieve the diligence, thoughtfulness, perseverance, insightfulness, among the many other honorable qualities she puts forth into her writing and blogging, but not today nor tomorrow will that be accomplished. She is something nothing short of inspirational. So is cold. It is really cold. It is in the 50's, 20 degrees below the temperature it should be for this time of year where I live. I cannot say I am not enjoying it...Hoodies and warm socks, the turning of leaves and that crunchy sound they make, Great talks around the bonfire,pumkins and pumpkin mentionables....and so so so much more.And more. Fall is here and I am highly excited to say the least!

Anywho I guess the biggest news I have at the moment is that I am officially a legal driver. I did not say this was great news. In fact I did not even say it was good. To be quite honest, I can't say too many postive things about it at of today. I almost ran into a sign in a field, my tires screeched and i thought I was dying, and all the while more tense than I've ever been in my whole entire life. My mom said that I did just fine for my first day of driving out on real focus is on the screeching of my tires(which is playing over and over again in my head) and what a maniac driver I am. But even still, momma sais I did just fine for my first day. I can't wait for the day I am a confident, skilled, and relaxed driver...I'm hoping it's soon!!

I am wearing my friend Jenna Catherine's jeans right now. I am now going to go buy me a pair! I think that's the easiest I've ever found a pair of jeans before...I now know the size,length, and brand...I think that is the only thing stopping me from having some sort of attack over my driving incidents this afternoon...Jeans apparently can do more than you think. I know that was random:DJust thought I would let you know what brightened my day today:D

This is the last week of school until fall break..I am so happy! I have alot in store for that week! This Saturday I am going to an amusement park with my friend during Hauntober Fest...she and I have already decided on bringing an extra pair of joke. I am oh so excited though! Then I have my job training in the mornings next week and dance at night. And then next Friday I am going to Asbury University to spend the night with my sister Taylor and her friends! I am so pumped, hope you all are ready for a beasting night<---haha.

I am going to go now. I'll keep you all updated...ok, off to scale the great wall of china...jk, but does an intense workout count?

All my love,
Lahni Blair

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Almost Sixteenth Birthday Abigail!

Happy early sixteenth birthday Abigail. I would have posted this tomorrow, but due to my birthday festivities tomorrow I will not have time. I thought a day earlier would be more acceptable than a day late, so here it is girl,HaPpY sIxTeEnTh BiRtHdAy! I hope it is your best year yet!

This post is dedicated to Abigail from Amazed by Grace in honor of her birthday. Abigail and I follow eachother's blogs and we came to the realization that she and I are one day apart in age. My birthday is today, and her birthday is tomorrow. I have never met anyone who has been so close in age to me. I think that is so cool! We both decided that because of this we were going to do a special post in honor of eachother by interviewing eachother on varios birthday related questions,so...I asked Abigail:

1. What would you like to be doing five years from this time?

~I think it would be awesome to be either dancing professionally in a ballet company or working in my own.

2. Do you have any birthday traditions every year?

~I get school off and get to spend the day doing whatever I want. My parents and I go out to dinner to celebrate too.

3. What is the best birthday present you have ever recieved?

~ Hmmm...the year I turned 13 I got a purity ring, and that was really special. But there are some other gifts that I have really loved and use all the time. I got a Do Hard Things t-shirt last year that I wear all the time and just absolutely adore!

4. What is the weirdest birthday present you have ever recieved?

~ I can't really remember any strange gifts, but when I was little my dad gave me a weird card that had a lady with a giant and crazy hairstyle on the cover of it as a joke. I didn't get the joke, I just thought it was strange. :D

5. Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish while you are sixteen?

~ I have several goals. I would like to work on my flexibility more and I would like to become stronger as a dancer. I'd like to read through the Bible, and I would like to get a job. There are a couple of other things I would like to accomplish too, like being more unselfish and being a better sister. I would also like to master my Scottish and Irish accents! There are several things that I would like to do, but I'm not sure if they would ever be able to happen this year. I would love, love, love to go to the Ballet Magnificat! summer intensive and I dream of going to Europe.

6. Is there anything you are excited about in the upcoming year?

~ Oh yeah! I have always looked foward to being sixteen. Partly because of all the songs about it, but also because I just think it's going to be a fun and exciting age. There's alot of exciting things you get to do in your latter teens.

7. What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday?

~ I love opening presents and having cake and ice cream the night of my birthday. I watch TV or a movie with my mom and sister while we have dessert.

8. What are you doing for your birthday this year?

~ I'm going out with my parents for sushi and my mom is going to take me to the cutest little coffee shop for breakfast downtown.

9. What is your favorite birthday memory?

~ I have a lot of good memories. My favorite was going to my favorite restaurant with my parents when I was 13 and it being dimly lit with candles on the table. They both wrote me a letter and that was really fun and sweet. Another was being in the cafe in my favorite bookstore with my mom at night and sitting by a huge window and feeling very cozy while I looked at my new book and drank coffee and had dessert.

10. What is the best thing that has happened to you in the past year?

~ Well, I got my drivers permit in the spring and I've learned to drive. I'm still learning, but I'm a whole lot better than when I started. You can just ask my mom! haha! And I also started running in February.It was tough at first, but I am so glad I stuck with it because I've gotten a lot stronger and it has strengthened my endurance and perseverance.

11. What is your favorite thing to eat on your birthday?

~ Eggplant Parmigiana, chocolate cake, and rocky road ice cream.

12. Do you recieve any special privaleges when you turn sixteen?

~ Nothing really big comes to mind, but there are some things I'll be allowed to do now that I'm older.

13. What was the exact time of day you were born?

~ I was born around lunchtime at 12:27 I believe.

Abigail, all of those things are awesome! I absolutley love my birthday, and I am sure you do too! Only hours, and you will have been born sixteen years ago...while little baby Lahni was only a day old. haha! This was fun! We should make it a tradition each year as we keep blogging...have a great day!

~Lahni Blair~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At 12 a.m....or something like that...

At 12 a.m or something like that...I will officially be sixteen years old!!! exciting is that???...Many of you reading this may not be as excited as I for a couple of reasons...1)Your birthday is a long way away and you're just not sharing the enthusiasm with me:)...2)Some of you are older than I and just aren't sharing the excitement either(either because you're really old and depressed that I am so young and you will never be that young again...or you are a few years older than me and you are done with the age sixteen waiting for bigger and better things)...Either way I am so excited despite how anyone else feels...hahaha.

So, tonight my Abigail is spending the night for my birthday! After she gets back from her church in a little bit we are going to make a mad dash for town in hunt of some 80's themed clothing for 80's flashback day at school tomorrow!!We are going all out for sure! Then tomorrow for my actual birthday, I am going to go to school(why,it's my birthday???They should make a law that allows you school of not only the day of your birthday, but the week!)...after school I am going to the dance studio for tap,jazz, and ballet until late...So happy, I can't wait...dancing makes me extremely happy!...Then on Friday, I am having all of my friends over for my sixteenth birthday party and I we are having a campout!So stinking pumped!

So I have been studying the driver's manual in hopes of passing my permit test next Monday...I think I will...but considering some of the people in my class have come back doesn't do much to boost my confidence:(...I still have hope though!hehe!I'm telling you, my car just needs me to drive it, it can't go another week with out me in it...or maybe it's just that I can't go another week without driving it...hmmm.Anywho, I can't wait to get on the road!

Off to go do some laundry now...So excited!...About my birthday festivities I mean.ha!Love you all, I hope you all!
~Lahni Blair~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This post ultimately is going to fill you in on my recent happenings. Kensi, if you are reading this(which I hope you are, because I read yours and because the title is your name in an attempt to get you to read this) I just want to say that I miss you sister, I hope you are having an amazing time being equiped to go confidently and competently as a Christian into a secular world, and that I can't wait to see you when you come home<---see...I really did read your latest post:)...oh wait and I hope that you are enjoying getting in the best shape of your life with, you know I read your post.haha! Not to break the happy mood I am putting you in by talking about you in my post, but I am going to so that I can enlighten my readers about my life...but don't you dare think about not reading the rest of it!:)

Our new youth pastor and his wife are coming on October first, the day after my birthday! Abigail, if you are reading this, that date probably sticks out to you, because it is your birthday!...which by the way we should like totally do something in honor of eachother on our blogs because I have never met anybody so close in age to me and I think it's really cool:)! Anywho, I can't wait until they get here! They are both so nice and I am looking foward to building a relationship with both of them throughout the span of their ministry. I know that God has something marvelous up his sleeve for our youth group that is about to unfold.

Oh yea, and I painted my nails purple! That made me really happy because...1) I love the color purple and the way it looks on my nails. 2)I was getting sick of looking at the aqua color chipping away on my nails and purple totally just made it all better. and 3) well, I don't really have a third actually, but everything is better in three's...psshhh, who ever heard of 1...2...why do you think we say "JUMP" on the count of three?... oh wait, except for Sara and Clay on One Tree Hill, they count to two...which brings me to my next thought.

One Tree Hill Season 8 premiere came on last night and I was soooooooo happy because of that too! Yesterday was thoroughly a great day because 1) the dismissal bell at school rang. 2) I had ballet at the new dance studio which has like so much more room than the old studio!!! 3)My friends and I went out to eat at O Charleys 4) Abby and I had a great talk on the way back home and a pretty intense jam session with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up...I can't believe we still remembered almost all of the words to "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie... a song that was popular four or five years ago and 5) watched One Tree Hill!...ok, so everything is better in 3's or more:) We rocked our t-shirst we got made the whole night too! Tree Hill Ravens on the front, and Scott # 23 on the back...oh my gosh they are amazing and slightly obsessive, only something you would understand if you were a One Tree Hill addict as we

I love God...I love life...I just love...oh yea, and I can't wait for fall...bonfires, hoodies, crunchy leaves, pumpkin patch, cool weather, and so much more...CAN'T WAIT! Two more things before I go out to eat at El Perecutin...1) I will have my blog backround and stuff fixed soon. 2) I will post pictures up soon...ok, actually 3) things are just better in three! Have a great day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

::Notice Anything Different?::

It seems like it has been forever and a day since I posted a post on my blog:( I'm not gonna lie, that makes me sad! But if you are reading this, you realize that I am back and posting again:) That makes me happy! So, as you can see I have made various changes to my blog, and the reason being that I really just wanted change, so I decided to be radical...

Prepare to be enlightened about these many changes...I changed my blog title to," when it rains...", because not only do I love to dance, but I realize that it is symbolic of pressing on and trusting in God even when times are hard and seem hopeless. And I just liked my backround:)

Very soon hopefully(but you know me)I should be posting some pictures up from my mission trip to Guatemala and probably some of my other summer adventures I embarked upon...Keep checking back here to see what God has been doing in my life or just to see what random post I will post next:) I am in school now, so that always means business and dance,church,plans with friends and family on top of school, so I will do my best to keep my blog updated, but(you know how I am:) I appreciate you all waiting on me all of this time...I have kept up with reading your alls blogs...I just haven't had the time to fix or update mine...but I did today, so here it is:) About to watch Letters to God with some of my family:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

::He NEVER stops...NEVER!::

To say that the shut eyes of my soul have been opened by God when I went to church camp or when I counseled church camp or when I went on my missions trip or when I went to IYC and so on would be a lie. Don't get me wrong, God definately did open my eyes during all of those times. "Hold on Lahni, you just said that you would be lying if you said that," is what you are probably thinking. Let me elaborate for you.

So many times I have said and this I am sure you too have said that...God recently opened up my eyes and now I am completely changed. "What's so wrong with saying that," you ask. You see, God isn't in the spuratic life changing business where..."One time God completely opened my eyes for the first time in my life"...or, "Do you remember at church camp that summer when"...and so on. You see all of those memories and dates and events of when God "changed" your life or when God "opened" your eyes, they are wonderful and God praising things...but what God wants you to realize is that He isn't in the change your life a few times in your life business...He wants you to realize that He is in the change your life and open your eyes EVERYDAY business. Still, you may be a little confused, so I won't stop here...

Here is an altered(due to personal thoughts and to elaborate a little bit better and so on) version of an excerpt from my journal that may help you understand more of what I am talking about. If you still are confused about what I am trying to get across to you, DON'T FEAR...I will explain more of what the journal entry is talking about. Here it goes...

"It seemed to happen so fast and suddenly, but I know you have been working on me ALL along, even if I didn't know or acknowledge You. I know this is just the beginning of an adventure that started fifteen years ago. It doesn't make sense, yet it does! Fifteen years ago(now almost sixteen years ago, but when I wrote this in my journal it was fifteen years ago), IT was thrusted upon me, the gift of life. I started the adventure by throwing myself into wordly things. I trampled your gift, allowed it to go places it never should have gone, I could have lost it, but then I began the adventure of YOU LORD...of eternal life! I opened the gift. The wrapping paper was ruined and torn, it was smashed by wordly ways when I opened it. All along I never opened it to see what it really held...but now I know it was YOU. You know, I think it tore and ripped in ALL the RIGHT places so I could see the LIGHT shining through! I want to thank You for opening the gift for me! Please Lord, never let the devil tape it up!" you kinda see where I am going with this? You see, God loves us too much to stop working on us! He always is, even if we are not willing to help Him. So, all of those times when you felt God change you "for the first time"...let me tell you that it WASN'T the first time because God is ALWAYS changing you and molding you! He NEVER stops! You may not feel or even see the changes, but He is working on you continually and tearing the wrapping paper in ALL the RIGHT places so that you begin to see the light shining through. Never convince yourself that God changes you spuratically. Don't wait for church camp, don't wait for a major Godly event to expect a change...a change probably will occur, but it is so important to pursue God everyday and focus on the now changes instead of waiting for that one spuratic change at church camp or wherever...Remember God is changing and opening our eyes EVERYDAY! If God is doing that while we our ignoring Him and trampling Him...just think of how He would change us and mold us if we were pursuing, focusing, thirsting, and starving for Him EVERYDAY! Ponder upon never know how God is changing you right now...<3

Thursday, July 1, 2010

::In Miami::

Hello from Miami!
So you know how in the last post I said my first stop was Miami,well God had different plans because I ended up in Washington D.C. first...funny hugh???Well my flight got cancelled on Monday morning right before we walked out the we had to book me another flight when we got to the airport...which had a layover in D.C...really scary by the way,considering I was by myself...and my original flight was straight through...anyway,I made it to Miami safely and have enjoyed these past few days of training and getting to know my team and my roomates.

It has been so amazing these past few days, and I am not even in Guatemala yet! The services have been awesome,they are called Fuagnem-fired up and going nuts every minute...they are AWESOME!!!! Jamie Jamgochian has been the worship leader and she is awesome too! Are drama presentation is finished and I am a mime in it...the drama is an allegory of the gospel,it is so neat! Are hotel is so is huge and it has a jungle theme...there is a waterfall in the middle and a bridge and gladd elevators you can look out of...pretty sweet and so are the rooms!

So we are leaving in a little bit for the airport and heading off to...GUATEMALA!!!! I am so excited! Pictures when I get back for sure! Thank you all for the prayers! Lydia from Something Beautiful thanks for the comment and for the prayers!

Posting again soon hopefully...until then,
Lahni Blair<3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

::Leaving for Guatemala in 10 hours...first stop-Miami::

My dearest blog readers,
In about 10 hours...6 a.m. tomorrow morning...I will be leaving from my little town in the middle of nowhere headed to Florida...the first stop before we leave for Guatemala. I will be in Florida Monday through Wednesday, and then on Thursday(July 1) through July 11 I will be in Guatemala on my missions trip. I would so appreciate prayers for safety and just for the whole trip! I will try to post pictures during the trip,but no promises considering we have limited computer time. But I will for sure post pictures when I come back!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

::Take off your sandals and have a barefoot encounter with God::

I am back from my week long stay at one of my favorite places in the world...Church Camp! I have been going to church camp for NINE years...ever since I can remember I have loved church camp mostly for the fun. Starting this blog back in February was a branch from the relationship that I had built with God, and since that relationship started, my God has changed my life so much and it has been such an exciting adventure! So, this year at church camp, I came to camp ready for God to draw closer to me and me to Him. The moment I stepped foot on the camp grounds I knew God had in store so much for me at camp. I didn't come because of the fun, I came because God was waiting for me there and I was ready to meet Him! Sr. High Church Camp this year has been the best camp experience out of all of my nine years of going and God blessed me and had so much more in store for me than I ever could have anticipated!

The theme this year at camp was "Bare Foot"..."Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground"~Exodus 3:5. It was all about the life of Moses and how God used Moses who was broken and used him for something more than Moses ever could have imagined and brought healing to his life. It was about Moses bare foot encounter with God. And I will say, I had an awesome barefoot encounter with God this week at camp! God brought healing to places in my life that I couldn't handle on my own, I mended relationships, I made new friends, and I learned so much about how God uses broken people for the glory of Him!

My small group was absolutely amazing, and we all were so open and it broke my heart to see some of them broken and to remember a time when I was just as broken. It was truly a blessing to see all of them grow in the Lord and begin healing! I loved quiet time with God and I loved the services...Andrew Brown was an amazing speaker and God definately used him in my life! My cabin was amazing too and we had great heart to heart talks at night and really connected to God...even with the spiders listening...yuck! Our cabin had so much fun was great!

We had campfires, worship concerts, games of capture the flag, hikes up communion hill, and so much more...last night was the best! We went down to the ampitheater and looked across the lake and some guys reinacted the scene with Moses and the burning bush...they even had a real huge burning bush and it was so cool. It looked super cool in the dark. Then we all let our problems go by writing them on hot air balloons and letting them go by setting them on fire and watching them float up in the night sky. It was beautiful...and then we had fireworks over the lake and stayed up like forever!

It was an amazing spiritual week, but I still had fun with other camp activities!It was so hot! Despite the heat though, I had so much fun! We played two games each ultimate frisbee, kick ball, dodge ball, and volleyball, and then I went swimming after that for like two hours everyday!It was so much fun and I got tan! I had the best week!

Now I am going to wash and repack, because I have to leave to counsel camp tomorrow...yay! So soon hopefully and another blog post hopefully soon too. I tried to tell you all so much...and I know I have so much more to say, but until next time,
Lahni Blair

Monday, June 7, 2010


Apples, oranges, or bananas?I know this is weird, but I like unripe bananas
How many siblings do you have? four(one passed away before birth)
How old are you?15 years,8 months, 8 days
Do you live in/on a swamp,woodland,prairie, or city?no
Scissors or glue?I like both of them for different reasons
Describe your dream house. I want an old fashioned house in the country
Is your room clean? yes
If you could be a movie character for a day who would you be?Elizabeth Bennett
Would you like to visit Italy, Greece, France, Spain, or England?England, and I'm not sure why,it just seems better than all the rest.hehe.
What denomination are you?non-denominational,but I am a member of the churches classified as Church of God
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?(BE HONEST!)No
Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans? I don't really like any of these all that much
What is your favorite book?Before You Meet Prince Charming and all of the books for young woman by Leslie Ludy
Favorite ice cream flavor?I am lactose intolerant but I do enjoy some Birthday cake and fruity flavors(no peach though!) occassionaly when I take my pill
If you had to eat one food for two weeks what would it be?fresh fruit salad
What is your favorite olympic sport?Summer gymnastics,winter figure skating
If you woke up one morning and found out you were Miley Cyrus what would you do?I am not a Miley fan,so I would probably scream!hehe.If I was I would...well idk
Describe yourself in three words:outgoing,hypocondriadic,and extraordinary
What chore do you hate?Putting away clothes
If Elmo came into your room with a gun what would you do?I would be very scared,and like Abigail said..I would think I was dreaming
I award this to:
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Jenna at Feminine Farmgirl
Bekah at Laying Aside Every Weight
Mckenzie at Pecan Pastures
Emily and Michelle at Sisters of Grace
Lydia at Something Beautiful
Aubrey at Never The Same 2010
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::Here's what's happening::

This is the banner for the mission trip I am going on above
This is the banner for IYC
This is Morgan on the left and I beside her at church camp last year having a mud fight!Hope she doesn't mind I put it up!ha!I love it!
This is the sink hole in Guatemala City that happened this week!
Hello my dear blog readers!
I'm getting there...I'm working on it...I know everything is going to be just fine...all because of God!My life is a little hectic right now,a little stressful,a little painful,a little scary,a little nerve racking,it's just lost in some areas right now and it's tough but each and everyday I am falling in love with God and that is what keeps me going!This introduction is pretty blunt and I want to keep it that way,so all I ask is that you pray for me,and that I would greatly appreciate!And by no means am I complaining,I just want to let you know how I am doing and how a life with God in it is worth living!

So, on a happy note,this week is the last week of school!I sure do know what that means...senior high church camp,counseling middler church camp for the first time,Guatemala for my first mission trip,International Youth Convention in Florida with my youth group,Kings Island with my youth group(an amazing amusement park),my practically sister's wedding,a family reunion,a concert,hanging out with my Abigail before I leave for all of my summer adventures God has blessed me with(She is awesome,she is going to help me pack!Love you girl!),walking across the golf course to the pool,laying out,staying up late(wait,I already did that...I guess it just has a different effect knowing you don't have school in the morning!haha!),hot weather,tans,bleached hair,going barefoot sometimes,ice cold drinks outside,tan lines(sometimes not good one!),so much more and so much fun!!!

Here is a more detailed account of what I will be doing over the summer...Next week I will be preparing for all of my summer plans by shopping for the things I need on my mission trip and other things I will be needing at camps and so forth.After next week I will be leaving for senior high church camp for a week which is always a blast!I love roughing it and enjoying God's incredible creation in the great seriously our church camp grounds are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and woods and I absolutely love it!I love building a stronger relationship with the Lord and strong relationships with other teens with a love for the Lord as well!I will be there for a week exactly,and then...

I come home for less than 24 hours to pack for counseling middler camp which I will be there about a week(4th-6th grade campers)and then leave the next day!My friend Morgan is counseling with me and so we are coming home from senior high camp,washing clothes,getting as much rest as possible,and then heading that way.This year will be my first year of counseling church camp and I am so excited!!!I am looking foward to leading my cabin of girls closer to God(through Him by me of course)and watching them grow in their relationships with the Lord!I am getting them a little gift and making devotions for them as well.I am pretty sure I am going to get them each a small mirror that they can hang on the cabin wall and write in dry-erase marker a Bible verse and give them a dry-erase marker so they can write on it too!I am probably going to get them a little notebook and pen as well so they can write notes about the sermon during service or jot down prayers and things like that throughout the week!I have some other things planned as well,I just don't want to take up too much room in this section talking about everything,but I am sure my girls will enjoy these things,at least I hope so!

Then,this is where my Abigail comes in(she is my best friend who has a deep passion for the Lord as I do...I call her "my Abigail".hehe!)...I will come home from counseling middler camp and have only two full days to pack for my two-week mission trip to Antigua Guatemala.She is going to be a huge help!Thanks Abby!Then I will fly on the airplane by myself to Miami,Florida for training and then head off with all of the other teens who are going to Guatemala a couple of days later!I am so excited!I hopefully will be able to post some blogs while I am there to keep you all updated,but no promises b/c I think we will only have like 15 minutes each day to be on the computer in which I will probably be e-mailing my family,but if I have time I hope to blog!If you don't see much from me,our trip has a blog that they will be keeping up to date while we are there!Here is the address to it...

Guatemala has been experiencing some pretty bad things lately...they have had 115 people die and maybe more from a tropical storm this week.The volcano Pacaya erupted too and spewed lava in places in Guatemala including where we are going.On top of that they had a sink hole...if you don't know what that is take a look at the picture posted somewhere in this post!I know though that this is the enemy trying to scare us though and I know that he can't b/c I have God and He is way bigger than the enemy!I hope these disasters soften up the Guatemalan's hearts more and open them up more!Everything happening is part of God's plan!Prayers please!

Then, after I get back from my mission trip, I will have about two full days again(I think)and then I will leave for Florida with my church youth group for IYC(International Youth Convention)!I am so excited!Francis Chan who wrote the book Crazy Love is speaking as well as other great speakers and musicians such as SuperChick(their band sings stand in the rain)!I will be there for about a little less than a week.

Then sometime my youth group is going on a Kings Island Trip which is an amusement park with amazing roller coasters and such!I also will be in a wedding of my practically sister Lauren!I have known her since I was really little and I claim her as my big sister and friend!I also have a family reunion and a concert to go as well as all of the other enjoyable summer activities(if I can find time.hehe!)I am one busy girl but I can't wait!

If you all need me to pray for anything feel free to ask me and I will!I hope you all have a great summer!Until next time...
In Christ,
Lahni Blair<3

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Before you read my post today,I have some pictures up!YAY!They are from this spring...enjoy! We decided to take some naps in the grass and just enjoy the beautiful day!
This was at easter!from left to right:Taylor,me,Ashlyn,and Kensi!I love my sisters!!!I should've worn my hair down...I'm the only one with it<3

Hi Dear readers,
I am so sorry that I haven't posted recently,but on the bright side it hasn't been one of the longer periods of time I go without posting!First I just want to go ahead and ask you to be praying for me alot!I will explain more about my prayer needs in a minute.I also would like to say that I am so happy that I have blog readers of mine and that I thank each and every one of you who do read my blog!If you are a reader please let me know by sending me a comment!I would greatly appreciate it!

Furthermore, I would like to tell you all that the 30-day challenge I am doing(if you have yet to remember,or did not read the post about my challenge,it is a challenge from the magazine SUSUIE to get in shape physically,spiritually,mentally,financially,and in other ways too!)is quite the challenge.Here are where your prayers come in...This challenge has been difficult and I will tell you I have wanted to give up and let go of all that God was calling me to do through this challenge.The devil has been tempting me to give up and to not listen to what God is telling me and it has been a little rough!Ok,alot rough!Though I have not given in to the temptations of the devil as I have recently started this challenge,I would still love for you to pray that I become stronger throughout this challenge and that I would tune out the devil and tune into God!Not to long ago,I memorized a Bible verse that says"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.The spirit is willing,but the body is weak."~Mark 14:38.I know for me,I have fallen prey to the weakness of my body.Many times I have thought,committed,and have been so sure of doing something....only finding later that I give into my selfish desires of my body.That is something that I need to work on so much and this challenge has challenged me to do that.I am going to have to watch and I am going to have to pray alot,but I know that I will get through these challenges and I will definately try my hardest to do them all for the glory of God!I do know this...I have been pondering,praying,and persevering and I hope to do these things even more!

I would like you to be praying for several families in particular as well.As you know I posted about a young lady at my high school who passed away the other day from being in a car accident.Monday we lost two more lives in my town.A young boy who was disabled died from complications from pneumonia and a adult in my town committed suicide.On top of all of this my sister's friend's mother died on Wednesday(I think it was Wednesday...but it could have been early Thursday)from a brain annurism.I can't remember a time where so many lives in my life were taken...and taken earlier than I would have thought.Even though I didn't know them through a close relationship,i still knew them somewhat and I cna't imagine what their families must be going through right now.So keep them in your prayers if you would.

P.S.-sorry to end this post on a sad note...remember to comment me if you read my blog.thanks.have a great day!
Lahni Blair

Sunday, May 16, 2010

::I don't know what to call this post::

Hello dear blog readers,
I don't really know what to call this post because I've been feeling alot of emotions lately about alot of things that have and are going on in my life right now!

Since last Sunday I have been dancing like all the time, everyday!Last Sunday and Monday I had dance rehearsal for dance recital.(oh and each night I have been getting home anywhere from 8:00-9:30).Tuesday and Wednesday I had dress rehearsal.Thursday,Friday I had recital and on Saturday I had Saturday matinee and then another recital that night.I'ts over now and I made alot of fabulous memories!We had amazing performances and although my costume changing was a little hectic considering I was in four routines,it was thoroughly a blast!Saturday night was the most emotional for me because...ok I'll start with the happy part.Our hip-hop routine has a two songs,one called forever by Chris Brown and Everbody by Laura Bell Bundy.Now, Laura Bell Bundy is an alum from the dance school in which I attend and she is really famous today.She went on to be Elle in Legally Blonde on Broadway and she has done other such musicals on broadway as well.She then went on to write country songs and they are really popular...even among the many students at my school!She has appeared in popular magazines such as PEOPLE and has been on popular television channels such as CMT.So.....back to the story....We were dancing to the last song(LBB song)....and LAURA BELL BUNDY jumps up on stage from where she was out in the audience and starts dancing with us!IT WAS AMZING to say the least!Then I got to meet her and talk to her and it was absolutely awesome.But then the sad emotions started kicking in, my ballet teacher,previously a rockette, announced a few weeks ago that she was leaving to pursue a career in recreational therapy.So it hit me that this was the last recital where she would be a teacher.I am sure she will come back next year to watch and you never know...jump up on stage...and well,you know the rest.LOL.It was also sad because this coming week is the last week of seeing my dance girls and teachers everyweek until dance starts up again in the fall.Of course,I will get to see some of my teachers because I am taking private lessons some this summer!It was also sad because my high school lost a young lady Saturday morning in a car accident.

Abigail, from Amazed By Grace, prayers to you during your recital!

Ok, so today is day 3 of my 30-Day challenge,and it has been a little more challenging the past couple days due to recital but I managed to get everthing done.I would appreciate it much if you all would pray for me throughout the rest of this challenge.Thanks so much!

Well, the business doesn't stop here,it just gets crazier...I'll be sure to post some picsand some more posts hopefully soon.Have a great day!
Lahni Blair

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello dear blog readers,
I am very sorry that my blogging frequencies haven't been as regular as they have been at some times in the past.But, this week is my dance recital week which means it is the last week of dance for the year...except for the party that takes place next week.So, although I will miss dance very much, I am hoping that this little break will allow me to post more...which is exciting!

I have something very exciting I would like to share with you all!So, here it goes...I recieve a magazine every month called Susie Magazine,a magazine for Christian teen young ladies that is absolutely outstanding!In the issue I recieved this month, there was a 30-Day Challenge that will allow you to get in shape physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially!I am starting this weekend and I am so excited!I definately know that it is going to be a real challenge and I am going to have to do ALOT of challenges each day...some of which are outside of my comfort zone...but I know that God is calling me to do this and that He will be there right beside me the whole time!Each week I am going to try and post what challenges I have done and how God is working in my life through this challenge.OOOPPS!Actually I will not be able to post one week at all,because one of the challenges is to not use the computer for a week....sorry!But hopefully that means I will have more exciting posts the next week so that I can catch you all up.And, I get a really cool T-shirt for doing it!All I have to do is send in $10,a paragraph on how the challenge has affected me positevely,and a photo of myself!The magazine creator is Susie Shellenberger,I am going on her mission trip this summer to Guatemala.YAY.And then next summer I am going to Quito,Ecuador...and then the next summer they do not yet have posted where they are going...but I am going...I can't wait!

I hope you all have enjoyed my post this fine day and if you have any questions about it feel free to ask!I hope you all have a wonderful day!I will try to add more pictures soon!!!I know you all like looking at pictures just as I do,so I will most definately be working on that!Well, I have to go and get ready for blocking for dance recital!YAY!!!Have a blessed day!
In Christ,
Lahni Blair

Saturday, May 1, 2010

::must see movie::

Hello dear blog readers,
I just recently got finished watching the movie "End of the Spear",and I must say that it is now one of my favorite movies!Now,if you are not familiar with this movie,let me give you a brief understanding of it.It is about five Christian missionaries who go deep in the jungles of Ecuador,along the Amazon River Basin to spread the gospel to the Waodani.The Waodani are an Indian tribe who at the time were considered the most violent group in the world...ok,now I am going to stop there and you will HAVE TO watch it to know the rest of this AMAZING story.I am not to fond of violent movies...actually not at all,but this was an exception even though I had to cover my eyes up a few times.God really spoke to me through this movie and I know He will speak to you too!"We can't shoot the Waodani,son.They're not ready to go to heaven-we are."~end of the spear.That quote really stuck out to me...we should be willing,no matter what,to give up our lives for God even if it means dying.Anyways,I wish I could do a whole post about this movie in detail,but I really want you all to see it so I won't give the whole movie away.I will leave you with a couple of thoughts about it though...well first of all,it is a TRUE STORY which made it even more emotional for me to watch.Also,it is rated pg-13 because of the violence but that's really the only reason it is rated that,so I will say if you are younger in age and get scared easily...or even if you don't,I would encourage you all to watch it when you are older...and I am not saying that out of a motherly reasoning,but in my humble opinion I would wait until you are older because I know it hit me at a more personal,emotional level with God that I do not think I would not have got when I was younger.So,I am definately not underestimating your level of maturity or spirituality,I just think It would be better to wait if you are under 13 or so.So,make yourself a note to see it ASAP!!!Have a great week!
Lahni Blair

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::just do it...(no,i'm not talking about the nike sport logo)::

Dear blog readers...hello again!
Wow,so far two a row!Anyway,I am going to try to post what is on my mind and try to do it fast because I need to go spend time with God!So,what's on my mind is this...

Life is too short to waste it!I am sure many of you,if not all of you,have heard that before,but did you really listen to it...I hope you did,I really hope you did!Think about it,when is the last time you heard it said?And what have you got accomplished to FURTHER the kingdom of God since then?As Christians we are called to go out and witness to the lost,it is a mandate from God!He tells us that if someone doesn't listen to what we have to say,then go somewhere else!We have to pick up the pieces and just go...go...go.There is no time for us to think about if we should do what God has called us to do...whether it be being a missionary,a preacher,a wife and a mother,or even something in your everyday life like doing something nice for a sibling.There is no time for that,we have to just do it!We have to just do it and live each second as if it were our last!If you don't know where to start,start by surrendering your life and everything in it to God and just pray and listen to what he has to tell you,and then just do it,because we are not promised a tomorrow!The school in which I attend has lost three young ladies in car accidents in the past few years and then just last week we almost lost another one.Precious lives were taken and so many others were shattered,and it is sad to say,but in my humble opinion I don't think they were living life as if it were their last day here on Earth.Many people exist but very rarely do people actually live.Last night I was watching the all to familiar show(at least I think so) Seventh Heaven and Eric,who is a reverend,was saying that birthdays are celebrated to commemorate someone and to give them the assurance of a fresh start to the next year of their life.He said that we should live life everyday as if it were our birthday,because we do have a new start everyday and only because of Jesus Christ do we have that!Tonight,or tomorrow,or whenever you read this,I encourage you to forget about everything that has happened today,yesterday,or whenever and to start new!Go and do something for somebody that will brighten their day and let them know that they can start new too,all because of Jesus Christ!So go,and whenever you feel as though you do not know what to do or when to do it...just do it at that moment and make that moment your now.You know when life knocks you to your knees you are in just the right position to pray!Have a blessed know what I mean!
Lahni Blair

Monday, April 26, 2010

::blogging isn't always something that I pack::

Hello dear blog readers,

I am so glad to announce that I am back!No,I wasn't on a trip...but actually when I think about it I was,but maybe not in the sense that most people think a trip to be.I was on the "trip" of life...a very BUSY life!Life is a journey and sometimes things like blogging don't get packed along in the suitcase unfortunately.It's not that I don't like blogging because I love it and I love reading blogs,but when my life gets busy...lets just say there is not enough hours in a day to do all that I want to do!I really encourage you all to keep checking in on my blog because it is something that I really want to use to help you all on your journeys!Even when I am not as frequent with my blogging habits,(I will try to do better!)still check in,you never know with me...a few weeks I'll be blogging like crazy and then the next few it's like,well I am assuming you know what it's

Here is an update on how things are going in my life...well school for one.ughhhh!I am so ready for SUMMER!Only 24 and a half days of it left...thank the good Lord!I honestly would have much rather been home schooled!Now,that does not go to say that I am in disagreeance with my parents choice of publicly schooling me,I just know that one day I am without a doubt homeschooling my children!I know the Lord has me where I am for a reason and I believe that set-apart Christians can be used to reach out to the lost at public schools,just as I am doing.I also know that I have been exposed to so many things that I do not want my children to have to be exposed to.I mean,I absoulutely hate learning about evoulution!It's wrong!!!I have a pretty neat story to tell you about that topic though.Last week I was sitting in Biology and we were reading a picture book about evolution...I won't go into detail about the book because it is pointless to say the least...and why we were reading a picture book in a freshman bioloy class I cannot tell you,but I do know one thing....As I was sitting there in my desk trying to wrap my mind around all of that nonsense all of a sudden God started whispering to me and in my mind I was singing the song that goes "God you reign,God you reign,forever and ever,God you reign"!I was like YES,You do reign Lord and only You and I do not need to listen to all of this craziness!The sad thing is, my biology teacher claimed to be a Christian and said that God was made out of stardust...I don't know what bible she's reading,but it sure isn't the one I am reading....But anyways,that unit is over!Praise the Lord!I do still struggle with other things at school as well like teachers saying "Nobody knows how we got here,nobody knows if there is a God"...I am sitting there thinking.....YOU ARE WRONG,WE DO KNOW!!!School...oh how I can't wait to graduate and go to a Christian college!

Anyways,other things that have been going on in my has been time consuming lately as well!With recital coming up our dance studio gets a little crazy!Mondays,I have hip-hop from 7:30-8:30,Wednesday-dance from 4:00-5:30,Thursday-ballet,tap,jazz,hip-hop from 4:00-8:30...Friday-I am exhausted...pretty soon we'll start having weekend practices...

I am just trusting in the Lord every day because I know that He is with me and surrendering my life over to Him has been the best thing that ever happened to me!In a world of chaos...just trust in Him!I was recently on the blog i heart and saw a video about Kari Jobe and her song Healer...I encourage you to visit it and watch it and listen to the words!!!"I believe You are my healer,I believe You are all I need,I believe You're my portion,I believe You're more than enough for me,Jesus,You are all I need!"~Kari Jobe's song Healer...Well I hope you enjoyed this post,I will try to post tomorrow and more comments,let me hear from you...I have to go now and let my momma get on...
Lahni Blair

Saturday, April 24, 2010

::Quick Hello::

I just wanted to say that so you knew I was still now I have nothing to post,but check back later and hopefully I'll have something up!
Lahni Blair<3

Saturday, April 10, 2010

::10:25 PM...but worth it!::

Yes,it is 10:25 PM at the moment and I am a little tired,not to bad though,but I am posting again because it is worth it!...and because of the fact that it is the last night of staying up really late before school starts back up again until summer!YAY!I counted the days I have left and I think it is around 35 perhaps.It is going to fly by!I can't wait until summer!This post is something that I would encourage you to read and really ponder!It is my hope and prayer that you all would read all of my posts,but especially this one to this point.

So here it may be one of the lasts posts that I post for awhile since school is starting up again(I'll do my best to keep it updated at least once a week...maybe more...but no promises!There is just not enough hours in a day!lol!)...but until we cross that bridge I hope you all thouroughly enjoy this post!I just finished The Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy and I so enjoyed it,it is definately a reccomendation for young women truly seeking to live a set-apart-womanhood!I am now reading Set-Apart Femininity:God's Sacred Intent for Every Young Woman and I have only read two chapters and already I am in WOW "mode"!Leslie Ludy really knows how to tell you straight foward how to live the set-apartness God desires for all of His daughters to live!Of course Leslie's talent is God given and it is not through her but God through her!Now,you all who have read my last few posts may have noticed how I say "set- apart woman","set-apartness", or something to that effect.All of your curious precious minds can come to a better understanding of what I am talking about if you read this post(this post may be on the longer side...but if you read it,I know you won't be sorry you did,at least I hope not)...I would reccomend reading the book I am now to have an even better understanding...but until then here is what God through me has to offer you...

So, what is set-apart femininity???Set-apart femininity takes place within a set-apart woman.A woman who has been crucified with Christ and it is no longer she who lives, but Christ lives in her!(see Galations 2:20)It is a woman who denies herself,takes up her cross,and follows the Lamb wherever He leads.In other words,letting go of all preoccupations with her self:her comfort,her pleasure,her agenda,her popularity,her ability to gain the world's approval,even her own dreams and desires.Her life is overtaken by the heavenly beauty of Christ and that is the only life truly worth living!Her life my include discomfort,prison,pain,or even death,but it also includes triumph,joy,peace,and fulfillment in their richest and purest forms.This and soooooo much more is what I am talking about when I say set-apart femininity.I am not done yet though for I have more to explain!

Now I am going to be straight foward just as Leslie is in her book.Most of us know about the Proverbs 31 woman and we live in the shadow of that famous standard.She cooks,she cleans,she is tired and eshausted! many people just roll their eyes at this type of woman who was in the Bible and think that we certainly aren't supposed to live daily by the message that she portrays to us.Surely we aren't supposed to feel overwhelmed by all of the standards she holds up for us.But that is absoulutely the wrong mindset!This woman not only works but she is virtuous!Virtuos here is masculine and means "strength,might,valor,and power."She valantly pushes away whatever stands in the way of God's purposes.Nothing hinders her.Her life is a living display of triumph,victory,and the glory of God.Such a misunderstanding upon so many is that the Proverbs 31 woman is harried and haggard,never having time to slow down and take care of herself.This is so not true though because it sais her clothing is fine linen and purple...strength and dignity are her clothing,and she smiles at the future(Proverbs 31:22,25 NASB).To me that doesn't sound like a stressed-out,sleep deprived,exhausted woman.But it does sound like a set-apart woman...which is exactly what she was.She truly is a set-apart woman,but the source does not lie within herself.She relies on a power wholly not her own,it comes from God alone.

With all of that being said,we are called to live the set-apart life,to live an existence that other women would never attempt.And we are NOT called to do this in our own strength...because it is impossible....ONLY God's strenght in us will cary us through!Instead of rolling our eyes at a life of being a set-apart woman of God,we are called to embrace the supernatural power of that Christ provides to equip us to live triumphant,victorious,valiant lives...lives that literally shock this world around us!

KEEP GOING....YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!!So yet again I am going to be straight foward.One of the most common "inner beauty" myths is that we are supposed to look within oursleves to find our true beauty.WRONG!!!!And when I say common...I don't just mean within the world...but also within many "Christian" lives as well!!!Suprised...probably not.This myth is everywhere,especially in the churches among other places as well.For example a church Bible study may tell you not to worry about what the model on the front of that magazine looks like...because you are beautiful on the inside.But they never said to stop reading the magazine.The only thing this myth is displaying is keeping self alive.It sais that we can look inward and find worth,beauty,and value with ourselves.It keeps the focus on us;on our feelings;our attributes,and our beauty.Us,us,us!When should be focused on ,HIM,HIM,HIM!!!"If a soul has any beauty, it is because Christ has endowed that soul with His own, for in ourselves we are deformed and defiled!There is no beauty in any of us but what our Lord has worked in us."It is NOT our beauty that we must discover and embrace...but HIS!!!!The secret in to becoming a set-apart woman it to forget all about oneself and become completely consumed with only one thing...Jesus Christ!

So we must embrace our unworthiness and realize that we are not deserving of God!!We must throw ourselves at His feet and repent and realize those facts of our unworthiness...But remember it is not about our worthiness.It's about His.Come to Him in all of your sin and weakness and let Him wash you clean!If you want true beauty,start by trading in all that you are for all that He is!You'll never regret such a glorious exchange!

Finally...alot of the information I have shared with you is from the book Set-Apart Femininity...just in some of my own words...So consider it a sneek peak at this book.I URGE you to get this book!There is so much more information I know that I didn't tell please get this book if you are ready to live the set-apart life!!!!
Lahni Blair
P.S.-It is now 11:46 PM.haha.LOOONG POST,but I genuinely hope it helped you on your walk with God.Let me hear your comments.I love to hear from you all!Oh yea,and I am ready to continue my life as a set-apart woman!!!Despite what the world thinks of me,I am doing this for God alone!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

::something to ponder upon::

You will understand more about these pictures once you read the whole post...but the young lady in thes pictures is Kaite Davis.Enjoy

Hello everyone,
Yet again I am posting a post...just like I said.I am going to get straight to the point...are you willing to give up everything of the world to follow Jesus Christ?Are you willing to give up everything that is comforting to you,everything familiar to you,and everything YOU dream about?I am!
If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children,his brothers and sisters-yes,even his own life-he cannot be My disciple
~Luke 14:26.Yes, you read right and it means what it sais!Right now,only at 15 years old(almost 16),I have felt a calling to be a missionary and this summer I am going to Guatemala for two weeks by myself with people I am not familiar with,a country I am not familiar with,and alot of things I am not used to...but I am obeying God and going because He told me to!We as Christians have to be willing to obey God no matter what the circumstance!I know God has an AMAZING plan for ME and for YOU!We have to give up our selfish dreams and follow HIS!

Katie Davis is a wonderful example of a set-apart Christian young women who did and still is following God instead of following her own selfish wants and desires.The following information is from Susie mag...She lives in Uganda with 13 orphan children and cares for hundreds more.She's 20,single and deeply in love with Jesus Christ.In high school she was class president,homecoming queen and an honor student.She dated the most popular guys and drove a cute car.She had supportive parents who offered to send her to college anywhere she wanted.In other words,this young woman had everthing the world says is important.She had it all.But she also loved Christ and knew He was calling her to more than an ordianary life.She wrote:
Jesus says to Nicodemus that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,one must be born again.Check.Jesus says to another guy that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,one must sell everything they have and give it to the poor and then COME,follow Him.Oh...I realized that I had loved and admired and worshipped Jesus without doing what He did.So I quit my life.Originally it was only supposed to be temporary,just a year before I went back to normal(USA)life and college.It wasn't possible.I had seen what life was about and I couldn't pretend I didn't know.So I quit my life again,but for good this time.I quit college,I quit my cute designer (clothes) and my little yellow convertible,I quit my boyfriend.I no longer have everything that the world says is important.BUT,I have everything I know is important.I have never been happier,and I have never been closer to the Lover of my soul and my Savior.
( is her blog,I encourage you to take a look at it!She was only 16 years old when she felt called to the missions field and that year she WENT...only at 16.

So I encourage you to pray and ask God to direct you in the way HE wants you to go!I was recently reading a book called Before You Meet Prince Charming,which I highly reccomend!There was an assignment that I encourage you to do that was in the book...So here it is:
Have some time alone with the Lord to specifically discuss with Him your dreams.Ask Him to purify your heart and direct your steps.Surrender any areas that you have been holding back for yourself.Acknowledge that you desire to do His will,rather than your own.As you surrender particular dreams,habits,activities,friendships,possessions,and plans,I'd encourage you to get out a journal and express your thoughts on paper.Write a letter to the Lord explaining your decision,yielding your will, and expressing your desire to be in complete submission to Him.Be specific in your letter as you discuss each area of struggle and lay it down at His feet.When you are tempted to "take back" areas you have previously surrendered,you can look back through your journal and be reminded of your decision and of how the Lord has worked in your heart.

I hope this post really encouraged you to deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Him.If you have any questions just let me know and I will be more than happy to answer them.Have a great day!
In Christ,
Lahni Blair

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::just some thoughts::

Hi everyone,
I am posting a new post yet again.For awhile I wasn't posting nearly as much as I am now,and now I am posting away most chances I get to.I am sure it has something to do with the fact that I am on spring break this week and enjoying EVERY minute of it!Well,I am going to stop rambling about my blogging frequencies and get on with this post:) I am stuck on what to post about.I suppose I'll just post whatever strikes my fancy.OK,I got it...I'll start out by saying how wonderful it is to see set-apart women of God!That is why I love blogging,I get to see so many set-apart women of God who are on the same page as me,for the most part anyways<---what I mean by that is that even though we as Christians are on the same page as one another,we may not be in the same paragraph.I mean we most certainly have alot in common,but all of us have different stories to tells.I find myself constantly learning new things about God,just through the blogging world,and to me that is EXCITING!I am always being challenged to stretch my understandings of God's creativity,just through blogging,and to me that is AMAZING!The Lord is continuously convicting my heart in so many areas just through blogging,and to me that is REFRESHING!It is so encouraging to see all of these blogs and so inspiring!Euphoria overwhelms me at the sight of so many Godly blogs and how these blogs are not only transforming my life in ways,but so many other lives as well!I most definitely know that enjoy reading so many Godly blogs out there,and it is my hope that my blog will showcase the set-apartness of the young women God has called me to be.

With all of that said, I now have so many things that have come to mind that I want to share with you...I guess I had writer's block at first and now it is completely the opposite!As my mission trip to Guatemala is getting nearer,I just ask that anyone who is committed to praying for this mission trip would do so,I would genuinely appreciate it!Here are some things to be praying for:
~the people of Guatemala open up their hearts to God through us
~pray for my preparation before,during,and after the mission trip...spiritually,mentally,emotionally,and physically
~pray for the peace and comfort of God to wrap around me throughout the whole trip(I will be going with a group of strong in the Lord Christian teens that I have NEVER met before.I will be flying by myself to Florida for training and then back by myself after the mission trip.I will however be traveling with the whole group of missionaries to Guatemala,thank GOD!
~pray for all of the missionaries going on this trip and that God will just save lives and that all of us will come back NEVER THE SAME(NEVER THE SAME is the name of the missions trip that I am going on)If you are interested in this trip more you can check out,
Thank you all so much for praying for me,let me know if there is anything I can be praying about for you,I will be more than happy to do it!:)Well, I was hoping that I could get the video up on here,but I only have the link, here is a little glimpse about what my missions trip is...enjoy!

Well,there is alot of more things I want to share with you all,but I have to save some stuff for other posts,but I do want to share with you all a few more things!(I know this post is long and I am proud of you for keeping on reading it!)Well here it goes...I urge you to get SUSIE Mag!I received my first issue today and I must say it was absolutely yet again another tool used by God on my walk with Him!You can check it out at, !Let me know if you become a subscriber and what you think about the magazine,I love to hear your alls comments!

Also,another LOVELY website I go to is,,it is one of my favorite places to visit and I am sure you will like it too!You can explore all that it has to offer,or you can just visit the online magazine!It is definitely another tool that God uses in my life too!

I think right now that is all I am going to post,and I am sure your eyes are glad!Thanks so much for reading this whole post!More to come SOON,you know how it is with me lately!smile.Have a blessed day the rest of tonight and then tomorrow too!
Lahni Blair

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

::this is a little late...but enjoy!::

Well I realize that these pictures are long due...but better late than never.They are from my dance competition a couple of weeks ago and then some random ones added in there.They are in no particular order(sorry about that).But I felt like I needed some pictures enjoy! The girls got a little tired while we were at Red Robin...I guess it was all the dancing we

Well on the way back from the dance competition,I decided to fit my whole body in my pillow case...we had a fun trip much fun!

Just a random pic of me...

This is my very best friend Abby.She is absolutely a blessing in my life!She is such a set-apart young woman of God and I am so thankful for her.I love you my Abigail!!!<---my Abigail is what I call her sometimes...

We attempted the Radio City Rockettes Dominoe didn't quite your not familiar,The Rockettes are a group of dancers from New York.)

Above.We all piled up on the couch at the hotel for a picture when we got there...this lobby holds many

Above is Holly and I with the "statue of liberty" at Red
Above Becca and I
Above from left to right.Lahni(me0,Audrey,Kaitlyn,Becca,and Holly...we were sitting on this racecar thing at Red Robin
Above,we won first place at nationals!
We had a vanity to get was really neat.Sorry for the skin exposure...I was forced to wear the costume for competition:(

::Just A Thought From Me::

Hello everyone,
This week I am on spring break from school and I am thoroughly enjoying it!It has been just lovely outside!I am not as busy this week compared to a school I have been really focusing on God more and enjoying my quiet time with Him!
Right now I am reading the book The Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy.It is a wonderful book!It focuses on being a set-apart young women of God in a world of young women who have been shaped by the world's standards instead of God.It really has been inspiring and encouraging and I urge you to read it,Leslie is such a great author and has so many wonderful book for set-apart young women.
In her book she put a part from Thomas Kinkade's book,Simpler Times , that really spoke to me and I hope it does for you too!It read as follows.
"(My wife and I) don't surf the Net. We don't follow CNN.In fact,we've chosen to keep television out of our house entirely.This is not because we are opposed to the medium of television,but because we are opposed to what television tends to do in our lives. In our experience, television is a thief that robs us of our time together and steals our peace.When watching TV, we are not riding our bikes or playing in the yard or having pillow fights with our girls in the living room. Instead, we are soaking up the subtle and not-so-subtle messages that we should want more,more,and more...and sacrifice our peace if necessary to obtain it...
Most of us are so accustomed to overstimulation that peace feels strange to us; it makes us nervous.Simplicity can be an acquired taste,epecially in a society that revels in complexity.But what an improvement when we finally begin to feel at home with a simpler way of life. What a surge of energy when we realize that saying no is really a way of saying yes to all we really care about...
When I learn to say a deep,passionate,yes to the things that really matter-and not to whatever gets in the way of that yes-then the peace begins to settle onto my life like golden sunlight sifting io a forest floor.And that, I find, is a peace worth fighting for.
I found this section of his story to be true for many Americans today.I myself do not struggle with it too much, but I posted it because I realize many people do.I myself do watch TV...but only for 30 minutes a week usually...that 30 minutes is spent watching 19 Kids and Counting.It is not a show that is going to hinder my relationship with the Lord, but please the Lord.The Duggar family is an amazing example of Christ Jesus!I do watch movies,and I am on the internet,and I do listen to music...but everyhting I watch and listen to that I have the power to control brings glory to my Heavenly Prince.That is just a conviction that God has placed upon my heart.The Bible sais that we should set NO evil thing before our eyes,and I believe some Christians don't take that seriously enough.It sais NO evil thing.In my life strive to do the most I can to bring glory to God,not as little as I can.This was just something to think about and I hope that it gave you some insight.I am very proud of you if you read this whole post,because it was very long:)
Lahni Blair

Sunday, April 4, 2010

::Happy Easter::

Happy Easter everyone,
I don't have time to post a long post right now because I have to get ready for church.But do know this:Out of incredible love for YOU, Jesus took the punishment YOU deserved by dying on the cross. God can now justly grant you forgiveness and eternal life. But YOU must repent(TURN from sin) and trust in Jesus to save you.Read the Bible foryourself!
Lahni Blair

Saturday, April 3, 2010

::just some thoughts::

Hello everyone,
I hope all is going wonderful with you!Yesterday was the beginning of spring break for me,and it is a much needed break!I plan on spending alot more time with God this week since I am not overwhlemed by the business of the school week!I am looking foward to this time with the Lord very much!Tommorow is Easter and I am so happy because of that!It reminds me just how AMAZING Jesus is!I am also looking foward to spending time in the sunshine this week!The last couple of days have been in the 80's!I will have many more exciting posts soon, so be sure to check back!Blessings,
Lahni Blair<3

Monday, March 29, 2010

::I'm still alive...waiting for the arrival of spring and summer plans!::

Hello everyone,
I promise I am still alive! I have just been so very busy!School and was so crazy last week because we were preparing for nationals out of state that took place this weekend.All of the hard work paid off though because we got first place!This week will be way less busy because my dance studio has their spring break this week and then next week my school does.I am so glad too,I have much needed a break from school!I am really looking foward to school being out completely for the summer...not to long away!<3I have a packed summer...I am not even kidding!
My spring/summer plans
-dance recital
-dance company auditions
-family camp
-senior high church camp for a week
-one day to come home and pack and then leave to counsel 4th and 5th grade camp for about a week
-two days to come home and pack and then leave for my missions trip to Guatemala,I will be staying there for two weeks
-then like two or three days to come home and pack for International Youth Convention which is in Florida
I am hoping to post alot more blogs more regularly,so be sure to check back frequently and hopefully there will be new posts up!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Praise God!!!

Hi everyone,
Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and my missions trip!Yesterday I got ACCEPTED to go to Guatemala.I am so excited to see what God is going to do through me an so many other strong Christian teens!I can't wait!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

::Missions Trips::

Hi everyone!I have some exciting news!God DOES answer prayer!I have recently decided to fill out a application to go on the Never the Same Missions mission trip in June and July of this year.I am praying and having other people pray that I get accepted,so please pray thay I do!Thank you all so much,and i'll keep you updated.

Monday, February 22, 2010

::just some thoughts::

Today is a new day!I am so thankful for today!Yes,I am shortly going to be leaving for school and although it is not the best atmosphere to be in,it gives me opportunities to share the Lord with people.Sometimes it is very hard and I am afraid of what people may think of me,and that is something I am working on.Please pray that this week at school I will have the strength to obey God and live completely and fully for him!Thank you all so much!
Here is another thought,though it is random,I thought I would share it with you all.I have trouble sleeping at night sometimes.I am not sure exactly what it is,but sometimes I just toss and turn and get scared.I think of bad things happening in the night.I know God is with me and the devil is trying to scare me,but sometimes it is so hard!So my mom told me the other day to read Psalm 4:8 whenever I have trouble sleeping again.So I read it...It sais"I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone,O Lord,make me dwell in safety."It helped,it made me feel so comforted!Thanks for sharing that with me mom,I love you.I hope it helps anybody else out there who has trouble sleeping sometimes.
Well,I have a feeling today is going to be a wonderful day,and I hope for all of you all it will be too!More posts to come soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


ok,so i know I have posted three posts today already,but that is what happens when you are out of school since Monday this week because of snow,and still no school tomarrow.Last week we were out Tuesday through Thursday.This week we haven't gone at all.And now we are supposed to be getting another system coming in early next week.CRAZY!This is what our house looked like on Monday.


from left to sisters Kensi,Taylor,Ashlyn,and then me on the end! ...the second take of this picture,the first one was...
...a little love my sisters!

This is my parents,Neal and Stephanie...I love them so much!I counldnt figure out how to rotate it,so I am so sorry it is on it's side.If anyone knows how to rotate a picture,I would appreciate it if you would share it with me.Thanks!Hope you enjoyed the pics!

::Good Morning::

Hello blog world!It is so good to be on again this morning,well right now I don't have much to say,but I will post more posts today!Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Finally, I have set up a blog!Wow,this is my first blog post...kinda exciting!I will go ahead and say straight out that this blog is not one of my highest there may be times I seem that I am not alive,so to speak,but I will be,so no worries!smile.I am glad you have chosen to visit my blog and hopefully follow it!I am starting this blog in hopes to share with you all... my life with God in it!I hope everything in it brings honor and glory to HIM!
Also,today is my sister Kensi's birthday!Happy birthday Kensi,or should I say Kardashian(her love you girl!