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Sunday, June 27, 2010

::Leaving for Guatemala in 10 hours...first stop-Miami::

My dearest blog readers,
In about 10 hours...6 a.m. tomorrow morning...I will be leaving from my little town in the middle of nowhere headed to Florida...the first stop before we leave for Guatemala. I will be in Florida Monday through Wednesday, and then on Thursday(July 1) through July 11 I will be in Guatemala on my missions trip. I would so appreciate prayers for safety and just for the whole trip! I will try to post pictures during the trip,but no promises considering we have limited computer time. But I will for sure post pictures when I come back!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

::Take off your sandals and have a barefoot encounter with God::

I am back from my week long stay at one of my favorite places in the world...Church Camp! I have been going to church camp for NINE years...ever since I can remember I have loved church camp mostly for the fun. Starting this blog back in February was a branch from the relationship that I had built with God, and since that relationship started, my God has changed my life so much and it has been such an exciting adventure! So, this year at church camp, I came to camp ready for God to draw closer to me and me to Him. The moment I stepped foot on the camp grounds I knew God had in store so much for me at camp. I didn't come because of the fun, I came because God was waiting for me there and I was ready to meet Him! Sr. High Church Camp this year has been the best camp experience out of all of my nine years of going and God blessed me and had so much more in store for me than I ever could have anticipated!

The theme this year at camp was "Bare Foot"..."Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground"~Exodus 3:5. It was all about the life of Moses and how God used Moses who was broken and used him for something more than Moses ever could have imagined and brought healing to his life. It was about Moses bare foot encounter with God. And I will say, I had an awesome barefoot encounter with God this week at camp! God brought healing to places in my life that I couldn't handle on my own, I mended relationships, I made new friends, and I learned so much about how God uses broken people for the glory of Him!

My small group was absolutely amazing, and we all were so open and it broke my heart to see some of them broken and to remember a time when I was just as broken. It was truly a blessing to see all of them grow in the Lord and begin healing! I loved quiet time with God and I loved the services...Andrew Brown was an amazing speaker and God definately used him in my life! My cabin was amazing too and we had great heart to heart talks at night and really connected to God...even with the spiders listening...yuck! Our cabin had so much fun was great!

We had campfires, worship concerts, games of capture the flag, hikes up communion hill, and so much more...last night was the best! We went down to the ampitheater and looked across the lake and some guys reinacted the scene with Moses and the burning bush...they even had a real huge burning bush and it was so cool. It looked super cool in the dark. Then we all let our problems go by writing them on hot air balloons and letting them go by setting them on fire and watching them float up in the night sky. It was beautiful...and then we had fireworks over the lake and stayed up like forever!

It was an amazing spiritual week, but I still had fun with other camp activities!It was so hot! Despite the heat though, I had so much fun! We played two games each ultimate frisbee, kick ball, dodge ball, and volleyball, and then I went swimming after that for like two hours everyday!It was so much fun and I got tan! I had the best week!

Now I am going to wash and repack, because I have to leave to counsel camp tomorrow...yay! So soon hopefully and another blog post hopefully soon too. I tried to tell you all so much...and I know I have so much more to say, but until next time,
Lahni Blair

Monday, June 7, 2010


Apples, oranges, or bananas?I know this is weird, but I like unripe bananas
How many siblings do you have? four(one passed away before birth)
How old are you?15 years,8 months, 8 days
Do you live in/on a swamp,woodland,prairie, or city?no
Scissors or glue?I like both of them for different reasons
Describe your dream house. I want an old fashioned house in the country
Is your room clean? yes
If you could be a movie character for a day who would you be?Elizabeth Bennett
Would you like to visit Italy, Greece, France, Spain, or England?England, and I'm not sure why,it just seems better than all the rest.hehe.
What denomination are you?non-denominational,but I am a member of the churches classified as Church of God
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?(BE HONEST!)No
Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans? I don't really like any of these all that much
What is your favorite book?Before You Meet Prince Charming and all of the books for young woman by Leslie Ludy
Favorite ice cream flavor?I am lactose intolerant but I do enjoy some Birthday cake and fruity flavors(no peach though!) occassionaly when I take my pill
If you had to eat one food for two weeks what would it be?fresh fruit salad
What is your favorite olympic sport?Summer gymnastics,winter figure skating
If you woke up one morning and found out you were Miley Cyrus what would you do?I am not a Miley fan,so I would probably scream!hehe.If I was I would...well idk
Describe yourself in three words:outgoing,hypocondriadic,and extraordinary
What chore do you hate?Putting away clothes
If Elmo came into your room with a gun what would you do?I would be very scared,and like Abigail said..I would think I was dreaming
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::Here's what's happening::

This is the banner for the mission trip I am going on above
This is the banner for IYC
This is Morgan on the left and I beside her at church camp last year having a mud fight!Hope she doesn't mind I put it up!ha!I love it!
This is the sink hole in Guatemala City that happened this week!
Hello my dear blog readers!
I'm getting there...I'm working on it...I know everything is going to be just fine...all because of God!My life is a little hectic right now,a little stressful,a little painful,a little scary,a little nerve racking,it's just lost in some areas right now and it's tough but each and everyday I am falling in love with God and that is what keeps me going!This introduction is pretty blunt and I want to keep it that way,so all I ask is that you pray for me,and that I would greatly appreciate!And by no means am I complaining,I just want to let you know how I am doing and how a life with God in it is worth living!

So, on a happy note,this week is the last week of school!I sure do know what that means...senior high church camp,counseling middler church camp for the first time,Guatemala for my first mission trip,International Youth Convention in Florida with my youth group,Kings Island with my youth group(an amazing amusement park),my practically sister's wedding,a family reunion,a concert,hanging out with my Abigail before I leave for all of my summer adventures God has blessed me with(She is awesome,she is going to help me pack!Love you girl!),walking across the golf course to the pool,laying out,staying up late(wait,I already did that...I guess it just has a different effect knowing you don't have school in the morning!haha!),hot weather,tans,bleached hair,going barefoot sometimes,ice cold drinks outside,tan lines(sometimes not good one!),so much more and so much fun!!!

Here is a more detailed account of what I will be doing over the summer...Next week I will be preparing for all of my summer plans by shopping for the things I need on my mission trip and other things I will be needing at camps and so forth.After next week I will be leaving for senior high church camp for a week which is always a blast!I love roughing it and enjoying God's incredible creation in the great seriously our church camp grounds are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and woods and I absolutely love it!I love building a stronger relationship with the Lord and strong relationships with other teens with a love for the Lord as well!I will be there for a week exactly,and then...

I come home for less than 24 hours to pack for counseling middler camp which I will be there about a week(4th-6th grade campers)and then leave the next day!My friend Morgan is counseling with me and so we are coming home from senior high camp,washing clothes,getting as much rest as possible,and then heading that way.This year will be my first year of counseling church camp and I am so excited!!!I am looking foward to leading my cabin of girls closer to God(through Him by me of course)and watching them grow in their relationships with the Lord!I am getting them a little gift and making devotions for them as well.I am pretty sure I am going to get them each a small mirror that they can hang on the cabin wall and write in dry-erase marker a Bible verse and give them a dry-erase marker so they can write on it too!I am probably going to get them a little notebook and pen as well so they can write notes about the sermon during service or jot down prayers and things like that throughout the week!I have some other things planned as well,I just don't want to take up too much room in this section talking about everything,but I am sure my girls will enjoy these things,at least I hope so!

Then,this is where my Abigail comes in(she is my best friend who has a deep passion for the Lord as I do...I call her "my Abigail".hehe!)...I will come home from counseling middler camp and have only two full days to pack for my two-week mission trip to Antigua Guatemala.She is going to be a huge help!Thanks Abby!Then I will fly on the airplane by myself to Miami,Florida for training and then head off with all of the other teens who are going to Guatemala a couple of days later!I am so excited!I hopefully will be able to post some blogs while I am there to keep you all updated,but no promises b/c I think we will only have like 15 minutes each day to be on the computer in which I will probably be e-mailing my family,but if I have time I hope to blog!If you don't see much from me,our trip has a blog that they will be keeping up to date while we are there!Here is the address to it...

Guatemala has been experiencing some pretty bad things lately...they have had 115 people die and maybe more from a tropical storm this week.The volcano Pacaya erupted too and spewed lava in places in Guatemala including where we are going.On top of that they had a sink hole...if you don't know what that is take a look at the picture posted somewhere in this post!I know though that this is the enemy trying to scare us though and I know that he can't b/c I have God and He is way bigger than the enemy!I hope these disasters soften up the Guatemalan's hearts more and open them up more!Everything happening is part of God's plan!Prayers please!

Then, after I get back from my mission trip, I will have about two full days again(I think)and then I will leave for Florida with my church youth group for IYC(International Youth Convention)!I am so excited!Francis Chan who wrote the book Crazy Love is speaking as well as other great speakers and musicians such as SuperChick(their band sings stand in the rain)!I will be there for about a little less than a week.

Then sometime my youth group is going on a Kings Island Trip which is an amusement park with amazing roller coasters and such!I also will be in a wedding of my practically sister Lauren!I have known her since I was really little and I claim her as my big sister and friend!I also have a family reunion and a concert to go as well as all of the other enjoyable summer activities(if I can find time.hehe!)I am one busy girl but I can't wait!

If you all need me to pray for anything feel free to ask me and I will!I hope you all have a great summer!Until next time...
In Christ,
Lahni Blair<3