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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

::He NEVER stops...NEVER!::

To say that the shut eyes of my soul have been opened by God when I went to church camp or when I counseled church camp or when I went on my missions trip or when I went to IYC and so on would be a lie. Don't get me wrong, God definately did open my eyes during all of those times. "Hold on Lahni, you just said that you would be lying if you said that," is what you are probably thinking. Let me elaborate for you.

So many times I have said and this I am sure you too have said that...God recently opened up my eyes and now I am completely changed. "What's so wrong with saying that," you ask. You see, God isn't in the spuratic life changing business where..."One time God completely opened my eyes for the first time in my life"...or, "Do you remember at church camp that summer when"...and so on. You see all of those memories and dates and events of when God "changed" your life or when God "opened" your eyes, they are wonderful and God praising things...but what God wants you to realize is that He isn't in the change your life a few times in your life business...He wants you to realize that He is in the change your life and open your eyes EVERYDAY business. Still, you may be a little confused, so I won't stop here...

Here is an altered(due to personal thoughts and to elaborate a little bit better and so on) version of an excerpt from my journal that may help you understand more of what I am talking about. If you still are confused about what I am trying to get across to you, DON'T FEAR...I will explain more of what the journal entry is talking about. Here it goes...

"It seemed to happen so fast and suddenly, but I know you have been working on me ALL along, even if I didn't know or acknowledge You. I know this is just the beginning of an adventure that started fifteen years ago. It doesn't make sense, yet it does! Fifteen years ago(now almost sixteen years ago, but when I wrote this in my journal it was fifteen years ago), IT was thrusted upon me, the gift of life. I started the adventure by throwing myself into wordly things. I trampled your gift, allowed it to go places it never should have gone, I could have lost it, but then I began the adventure of YOU LORD...of eternal life! I opened the gift. The wrapping paper was ruined and torn, it was smashed by wordly ways when I opened it. All along I never opened it to see what it really held...but now I know it was YOU. You know, I think it tore and ripped in ALL the RIGHT places so I could see the LIGHT shining through! I want to thank You for opening the gift for me! Please Lord, never let the devil tape it up!" you kinda see where I am going with this? You see, God loves us too much to stop working on us! He always is, even if we are not willing to help Him. So, all of those times when you felt God change you "for the first time"...let me tell you that it WASN'T the first time because God is ALWAYS changing you and molding you! He NEVER stops! You may not feel or even see the changes, but He is working on you continually and tearing the wrapping paper in ALL the RIGHT places so that you begin to see the light shining through. Never convince yourself that God changes you spuratically. Don't wait for church camp, don't wait for a major Godly event to expect a change...a change probably will occur, but it is so important to pursue God everyday and focus on the now changes instead of waiting for that one spuratic change at church camp or wherever...Remember God is changing and opening our eyes EVERYDAY! If God is doing that while we our ignoring Him and trampling Him...just think of how He would change us and mold us if we were pursuing, focusing, thirsting, and starving for Him EVERYDAY! Ponder upon never know how God is changing you right now...<3

Thursday, July 1, 2010

::In Miami::

Hello from Miami!
So you know how in the last post I said my first stop was Miami,well God had different plans because I ended up in Washington D.C. first...funny hugh???Well my flight got cancelled on Monday morning right before we walked out the we had to book me another flight when we got to the airport...which had a layover in D.C...really scary by the way,considering I was by myself...and my original flight was straight through...anyway,I made it to Miami safely and have enjoyed these past few days of training and getting to know my team and my roomates.

It has been so amazing these past few days, and I am not even in Guatemala yet! The services have been awesome,they are called Fuagnem-fired up and going nuts every minute...they are AWESOME!!!! Jamie Jamgochian has been the worship leader and she is awesome too! Are drama presentation is finished and I am a mime in it...the drama is an allegory of the gospel,it is so neat! Are hotel is so is huge and it has a jungle theme...there is a waterfall in the middle and a bridge and gladd elevators you can look out of...pretty sweet and so are the rooms!

So we are leaving in a little bit for the airport and heading off to...GUATEMALA!!!! I am so excited! Pictures when I get back for sure! Thank you all for the prayers! Lydia from Something Beautiful thanks for the comment and for the prayers!

Posting again soon hopefully...until then,
Lahni Blair<3