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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Almost Sixteenth Birthday Abigail!

Happy early sixteenth birthday Abigail. I would have posted this tomorrow, but due to my birthday festivities tomorrow I will not have time. I thought a day earlier would be more acceptable than a day late, so here it is girl,HaPpY sIxTeEnTh BiRtHdAy! I hope it is your best year yet!

This post is dedicated to Abigail from Amazed by Grace in honor of her birthday. Abigail and I follow eachother's blogs and we came to the realization that she and I are one day apart in age. My birthday is today, and her birthday is tomorrow. I have never met anyone who has been so close in age to me. I think that is so cool! We both decided that because of this we were going to do a special post in honor of eachother by interviewing eachother on varios birthday related questions,so...I asked Abigail:

1. What would you like to be doing five years from this time?

~I think it would be awesome to be either dancing professionally in a ballet company or working in my own.

2. Do you have any birthday traditions every year?

~I get school off and get to spend the day doing whatever I want. My parents and I go out to dinner to celebrate too.

3. What is the best birthday present you have ever recieved?

~ Hmmm...the year I turned 13 I got a purity ring, and that was really special. But there are some other gifts that I have really loved and use all the time. I got a Do Hard Things t-shirt last year that I wear all the time and just absolutely adore!

4. What is the weirdest birthday present you have ever recieved?

~ I can't really remember any strange gifts, but when I was little my dad gave me a weird card that had a lady with a giant and crazy hairstyle on the cover of it as a joke. I didn't get the joke, I just thought it was strange. :D

5. Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish while you are sixteen?

~ I have several goals. I would like to work on my flexibility more and I would like to become stronger as a dancer. I'd like to read through the Bible, and I would like to get a job. There are a couple of other things I would like to accomplish too, like being more unselfish and being a better sister. I would also like to master my Scottish and Irish accents! There are several things that I would like to do, but I'm not sure if they would ever be able to happen this year. I would love, love, love to go to the Ballet Magnificat! summer intensive and I dream of going to Europe.

6. Is there anything you are excited about in the upcoming year?

~ Oh yeah! I have always looked foward to being sixteen. Partly because of all the songs about it, but also because I just think it's going to be a fun and exciting age. There's alot of exciting things you get to do in your latter teens.

7. What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday?

~ I love opening presents and having cake and ice cream the night of my birthday. I watch TV or a movie with my mom and sister while we have dessert.

8. What are you doing for your birthday this year?

~ I'm going out with my parents for sushi and my mom is going to take me to the cutest little coffee shop for breakfast downtown.

9. What is your favorite birthday memory?

~ I have a lot of good memories. My favorite was going to my favorite restaurant with my parents when I was 13 and it being dimly lit with candles on the table. They both wrote me a letter and that was really fun and sweet. Another was being in the cafe in my favorite bookstore with my mom at night and sitting by a huge window and feeling very cozy while I looked at my new book and drank coffee and had dessert.

10. What is the best thing that has happened to you in the past year?

~ Well, I got my drivers permit in the spring and I've learned to drive. I'm still learning, but I'm a whole lot better than when I started. You can just ask my mom! haha! And I also started running in February.It was tough at first, but I am so glad I stuck with it because I've gotten a lot stronger and it has strengthened my endurance and perseverance.

11. What is your favorite thing to eat on your birthday?

~ Eggplant Parmigiana, chocolate cake, and rocky road ice cream.

12. Do you recieve any special privaleges when you turn sixteen?

~ Nothing really big comes to mind, but there are some things I'll be allowed to do now that I'm older.

13. What was the exact time of day you were born?

~ I was born around lunchtime at 12:27 I believe.

Abigail, all of those things are awesome! I absolutley love my birthday, and I am sure you do too! Only hours, and you will have been born sixteen years ago...while little baby Lahni was only a day old. haha! This was fun! We should make it a tradition each year as we keep blogging...have a great day!

~Lahni Blair~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At 12 a.m....or something like that...

At 12 a.m or something like that...I will officially be sixteen years old!!! exciting is that???...Many of you reading this may not be as excited as I for a couple of reasons...1)Your birthday is a long way away and you're just not sharing the enthusiasm with me:)...2)Some of you are older than I and just aren't sharing the excitement either(either because you're really old and depressed that I am so young and you will never be that young again...or you are a few years older than me and you are done with the age sixteen waiting for bigger and better things)...Either way I am so excited despite how anyone else feels...hahaha.

So, tonight my Abigail is spending the night for my birthday! After she gets back from her church in a little bit we are going to make a mad dash for town in hunt of some 80's themed clothing for 80's flashback day at school tomorrow!!We are going all out for sure! Then tomorrow for my actual birthday, I am going to go to school(why,it's my birthday???They should make a law that allows you school of not only the day of your birthday, but the week!)...after school I am going to the dance studio for tap,jazz, and ballet until late...So happy, I can't wait...dancing makes me extremely happy!...Then on Friday, I am having all of my friends over for my sixteenth birthday party and I we are having a campout!So stinking pumped!

So I have been studying the driver's manual in hopes of passing my permit test next Monday...I think I will...but considering some of the people in my class have come back doesn't do much to boost my confidence:(...I still have hope though!hehe!I'm telling you, my car just needs me to drive it, it can't go another week with out me in it...or maybe it's just that I can't go another week without driving it...hmmm.Anywho, I can't wait to get on the road!

Off to go do some laundry now...So excited!...About my birthday festivities I mean.ha!Love you all, I hope you all!
~Lahni Blair~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This post ultimately is going to fill you in on my recent happenings. Kensi, if you are reading this(which I hope you are, because I read yours and because the title is your name in an attempt to get you to read this) I just want to say that I miss you sister, I hope you are having an amazing time being equiped to go confidently and competently as a Christian into a secular world, and that I can't wait to see you when you come home<---see...I really did read your latest post:)...oh wait and I hope that you are enjoying getting in the best shape of your life with, you know I read your post.haha! Not to break the happy mood I am putting you in by talking about you in my post, but I am going to so that I can enlighten my readers about my life...but don't you dare think about not reading the rest of it!:)

Our new youth pastor and his wife are coming on October first, the day after my birthday! Abigail, if you are reading this, that date probably sticks out to you, because it is your birthday!...which by the way we should like totally do something in honor of eachother on our blogs because I have never met anybody so close in age to me and I think it's really cool:)! Anywho, I can't wait until they get here! They are both so nice and I am looking foward to building a relationship with both of them throughout the span of their ministry. I know that God has something marvelous up his sleeve for our youth group that is about to unfold.

Oh yea, and I painted my nails purple! That made me really happy because...1) I love the color purple and the way it looks on my nails. 2)I was getting sick of looking at the aqua color chipping away on my nails and purple totally just made it all better. and 3) well, I don't really have a third actually, but everything is better in three's...psshhh, who ever heard of 1...2...why do you think we say "JUMP" on the count of three?... oh wait, except for Sara and Clay on One Tree Hill, they count to two...which brings me to my next thought.

One Tree Hill Season 8 premiere came on last night and I was soooooooo happy because of that too! Yesterday was thoroughly a great day because 1) the dismissal bell at school rang. 2) I had ballet at the new dance studio which has like so much more room than the old studio!!! 3)My friends and I went out to eat at O Charleys 4) Abby and I had a great talk on the way back home and a pretty intense jam session with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up...I can't believe we still remembered almost all of the words to "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie... a song that was popular four or five years ago and 5) watched One Tree Hill!...ok, so everything is better in 3's or more:) We rocked our t-shirst we got made the whole night too! Tree Hill Ravens on the front, and Scott # 23 on the back...oh my gosh they are amazing and slightly obsessive, only something you would understand if you were a One Tree Hill addict as we

I love God...I love life...I just love...oh yea, and I can't wait for fall...bonfires, hoodies, crunchy leaves, pumpkin patch, cool weather, and so much more...CAN'T WAIT! Two more things before I go out to eat at El Perecutin...1) I will have my blog backround and stuff fixed soon. 2) I will post pictures up soon...ok, actually 3) things are just better in three! Have a great day!